Jaideep Chaudhari

Heal-thyCity had provided palliative care to Mr. Choudhury during the nation wide lockdown. With our dedicated team we managed the best possible care.


Sonea Sitlani

We had treated Mrs. Sitlani after her discharge from ICU. She required palliative care inclusive of 24*7 Nursing & ICU-like care.


Anand Verma

Heal-thyCity had provided management for burns to Mr. Verma. We managed to take him to complete recovery in a very short time.


Col. & Mrs. Raghavan

Col. & Mrs Raghavan are an elderly couple who stay alone in Pune. Heal-thyCity has been their healthcare partner for the last 12 months.


Abhay Shukla

Heal-thyCity was honoured to have served Mr. Shukla who was bed bound after a stroke & required continuous monitoring and regular doctors' visit.


Mr. & Mrs. Gupta

We have treated Mr. Gupta's mother. She was bed bound when we started. We manage to treat her at home and make her walk again.

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Sandhya Shenoy

I am writing to sincerely thank Dr.Ravi Pratap and Heal-thyCity for the compassion and care that was provided to my mother in her final days. The medical service coupled with kindness and empathy helped our family tide over a very emotionally distressing time.

We were looking for alternatives to hospice care so that mom would be able to live with us through her last days while we ensured top class palliative care and pain management in a home setting. That's when we heard about Dr.Ravi and his Heal-thyCity

Dr.Ravi in particular was very warm, professional, very receptive and responsive both in communication and action. He provided a safe, understanding, sympathetic and affordable End of life Care service for my terminally ill mother. I really appreciate the weekend hours, hours when any regular doctor won't talk or see us. He would hear out all the questions and concerns we had as a family and patiently answer them

If you are looking for a doctor who not only is a skilled medic but takes the time and effort to be patient and caring, Dr.Ravi is definitely someone you should consider visiting.

We are truly grateful that we had a quality medical service provider so near to home, a big heartfelt thank you!!

Shilpa Mahesh Bandre

When your near and dear someone is not doing well in terms of health and being bedridden and in such conditions if that patient is required to be shifted at some places having distance of almost 8-10 hrs of mad journey , certainly you are so worried with many things. Your mind is full of many concerns.

Thanks to DR. RAVI PRATAP OF Heal-thyCity. he helped me in such a way by taking care of all the related concerns of critical patient, from arrangement of vehicle, doctors and other support team, all these made travel easy and smooth .

I highly recommend Dr. Ravi Pratap and his team for all patients who are of old age, critical or other patients who want homely care in their difficult times.

Doctor keep doing this care taking services, as this is a need of society.
Wish you all the best.

K. K. Gupta

This refers to the initiation taken by HealthyCity —started initiated by Dr. Ravi and his team with a view to take care of age related/ varied day to day problems/diseases specially suffered by senior citizen.

My wife has been suffering from ATAXIA-12 (Parkinson disease) the last few years and is unable to walk or carry out her day to day chores on her own.

Of late, we were required to rush her to Hospitals ( In an Ambulance) quite frequently; but since we availed the services of HealthyCity I and my Family members are quite relieved as they are fully equipped and capable to provide all necessary emergency needs and arrange for the Medical, Physio, Counselling & Lab services at home.

We are thankful for their services and wish them greater success.


I was referred to Dr. Ravi by my mother's oncologist for palliative care. I wanted to do the best possible for my mom, so I called him as soon as I got his reference. By the time I disconnected the call, I was convinced about hiring him for my mom's care. What I liked the most about Dr. Ravi was his knowledge, forthrightness and genuine desire to help the patient and the family. Never did he try to sell anything.

After we moved my mom to home, he worked extremely well with home nurses, was in constant touch with them to guide what needs to be done. He was always available on calls for any questions, and came to visit as and when needed or we called when we were nervous.

Overall, we felt in control with Dr. Ravi taking care of my mom. I wish him and his team all the very best and hope they continue to work in this field, it really needs folks like them for families in need.

Thank You for Everything!

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