Chronic (Long Standing) Illness Management

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The burden of non-communicable diseases in India is ever increasing. Multiple chronic conditions that remain untreated, mostly due to the lack of awareness result in downward spiral of general healthcare. Undiagnosed chronic conditions root from inefficiency or inaccessibility to quality healthcare facilities.

In an attempt to mitigate the hassles of availing such medical care, we at Heal-thyCity provide you with dedicated medical services for chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension (High BP), Liver Disease, Heart Disease, asthma, COPD, etc.

We know that these ailments require a strict schedule of medication, coupled with check-ups at pre-set intervals to avoid deterioration. Our team of proficient medical experts thoroughly understand the healthcare services required to mitigate such chronic conditions.

It also includes specialist doctors who offer home visits at periodic intervals to ensure improvement. Our in-house treatment also include regular vaccination for adults to reduce risks of periodic bouts of illness. We also offer remote monitoring via a smart watch for a virtual continued care. Availability of quality medical facilities at home mitigates the complicacies of issues that may later require hospitalization and therefore become a psychological and economic burden for the family.

Additionally, keeping in mind the convenience of our patients, we have kept the process to apply for appointments simple and convenient. Just provide a few details online and avail the door-step, updated medical services.

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We offer following Medical Services

Our custom made and personalized plan for each paitent leads them to the road of recovery, physical and mental.

Geriatric (old age) Care

Old age brings ailments. Skip the hassle of frequent hospital visits to address their medical needs within the comfort of their home.

Chronic Illness Management

Medical condition like these require regular check ups and doctor consultation. Availability of quality medical facilites help address the issue effectively at home.

Palliative / Hospice care

Our specialist doctors and nurses make every effort to ensure the patients’ life is as comfortable as possible without deterring his/her lifestyle.

Post discharge care & rehabilitation

Round the clock efficient team of professionals to provide services which help the patient through the recovery & rehabilitation period.


We at Heal-thyCity, have a team of doctors, physical experts, counselors, psychotheapist, psychiatrist, diet consultants & more ensuring all your medical needs are met under one roof.

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