Geriatric (Old Age) Care

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Despite population of the elderly edging close to 120 million in India, geriatric care remains a common concern. It may be attributed to the emergence of nuclear families, which has led to a large number of elderly individuals without access to basic healthcare. Meeting the psychological and physical problems of elderly and addressing it regularly is a challenging task. This is where Heal-thyCity offers professional assistance.

Our team of experts in the field of healthcare (Doctors, Nurses, Medical Attendant, Physiotherapists etc.) bring with them years of experience to provide necessary care for such individuals. Our home-based services address the aspect of unfamiliarity of space and multiple other issues that follow hospitalization and are often a major hurdle in the recovery of elderly. Our aim is to help our patients heal and relax within their comfort zone

Our 24×7 services come with an added quotient of comfort and bring in a holistic set of healthcare services including visits from specialist doctors and added personal care via our trained professionals. Experience the best healthcare services for the elderly and excellent hospitality from our caring medical professionals.

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Col. & Mrs. Raghavan

Col. & Mrs Raghavan are an elderly couple who stay alone in Pune. Heal-thyCity has been their healthcare partner for the last 12 months.

Abhay Shukla

Heal-thyCity was honoured to have served Mr. Shukla who was bed bound after a stroke & required continuous monitoring and regular doctors' visit

Sonea Sitlani

We had treated Mrs. Sitlani after her discharge from ICU. She required palliative care inclusive of 24*7 Nursing & ICU-like care.

We offer following Medical Services

Our custom made and personalized plan for each paitent leads them to the road of recovery, physical and mental.

Geriatric (old age) Care

Old age brings ailments. Skip the hassle of frequent hospital visits to address their medical needs within the comfort of their home.

Chronic Illness Management

Medical condition like these require regular check ups and doctor consultation. Availability of quality medical facilites help address the issue effectively at home.

Palliative / Hospice care

Our specialist doctors and nurses make every effort to ensure the patients’ life is as comfortable as possible without deterring his/her lifestyle.

Post discharge care & rehabilitation

Round the clock efficient team of professionals to provide services which help the patient through the recovery & rehabilitation period.


We at Heal-thyCity, have a team of doctors, physical experts, counselors, psychotheapist, psychiatrist, diet consultants & more ensuring all your medical needs are met under one roof.

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